“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”  2 Timothy 2:15 

Families, in the three shanty towns close to San José, live in poverty and regularly face violence, neglect and widespread unemployment.  Keeping children in education and away from gangs and drugs is a daily struggle for many parents and yet it is the only way their children will gain skills and so break free of the poverty that surrounds them.

Our work

Rope and our partners Educación Plus seek to show the practical outworking of the Gospel through a Christian-based, holistic ministry to high-risk children and young people giving them every opportunity to develop a better future.

A large part of their work specifically supports the children and young people to stay in the education system and prevent them from becoming street children.  Their relationship-based ministry provides education and educational support, training, Christian teaching, and provision for families’ nutritional and medical needs.

It costs £70 to send a child on a summer camp

With Rope's support our partners offer an annual summer camp, which is aimed at giving the children and young people an extended period away from their neighbourhood environment.

All activities are designed to be enjoyable and help to open their minds, widen their horizons and inject some hope into their hearts.



Natalie lives in a squatters’ shack in La Verbana, a shanty town in San Jose, Costa Rica.  She cares for her two2 teenage children.  A single parent who has faced many difficulties in her own life, Natalie tries to keep her family together and the children away from the temptations all around them.

Our partners have sought to bring hope to this family and for Natalie this has meant helping her develop her sewing skills.  Identifying that she liked to sew and was good at it, our partners bought her a sewing machine and enrolled her into classes run by the local church. 

Two years on, this investment is bearing fruit.  Natalie has gained a local government grant to set up her own business and with further financial support from Rope, she now has a good supply of electricity to her home and is gaining regular income from her business.  As a result, she has the means to support herself and her family.