Emergency Fund

Over the years Rope has kept an emergency fund set aside for times of emergency, when our partners in crisis reach out and ask for help.  This fund has become especially important in the last few weeks as our partners as for additional help as a result of the covid-19 global crisis.

In April as the world went into global lockdown, we were able to help our partners Asha Kiran Society, whose Multi Lingual Education (MLE) centres and community hospital support 30 village communities in Odisha India. With monies sent from the Emergency Fund AKS have purchased personal protection equipment (PPE) for hospital staff and delivered healthcare education on the virus and how to prevent its spread to all 30 communities before the country went into lockdown.

In thanking us for the funds we sent, AKS said:

“The grant was given so quickly to us – which really helped us ramp up our making of face-masks and simple Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) right at the early part of the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions. This was vital in us getting our Asha Kiran COVID-19 Referral Care centre up and running within a week!”

We also sent money from our Emergency Fund to partners Dreamland Mission Hospital based in western Kenya so they can treat local people who contract the virus.  With our help they have bought PPE for hospital staff and we have contributed to the building of a second floor on their isolation ward, so doubling bed space to 24 beds.

From this fund we have also been able to provide our partners BOMO, in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo, with IT equipment so they can continue their education and training to the women they work with remotely.

We are grateful that we had a Fund set aside so we could act quickly and help our partners.

We want to continue to respond to our partners as they tackle the impact of the virus in the local communities.

Please help us respond by making a donation to our Emergency Fund.