Our work

In Mombasa, Kenya being a child, homeless and on the streets is deemed a crime. The local government, under pressure from local businesses in this tourist destination, will prefer to round them up in often violent raids and lock them away rather than offering protection and a solution.

Our partners, Glad's House, are the only NGO working in the prisons and juvenile centres in which these children are put, living up to their vision: 'We are there when no one else is there.' They provide care packs and work one-to-one with the children, offering support and mentoring, as well as liaising with the probation services on the children's behalf. Our partners also offer football and life skills coaching to the children in the juvenile centres. Whilst they work hard to reconcile the children to their families this is not always possible, so equipping them with essential life skills is vital to help keep them safe if they go back to the streets.

It costs £5 a month to deliver 3 care packs to children in prison.

Many of these children have run away from home after suffering from violence and abuse, and through their work our partners are showing the children that they are loved, valued and not forgotten. Our partners are passionate that the unjust system which forces these children to spend months locked away without anyone to speak up for them is brought to an end. As such, they are also working with local government officials and police authorities to persuade them to stop the violent round-ups and ensure the children’s legal rights are respected so their time in prison can be safe, short or ideally avoided completely.