Rope's partners at Grace Home seek to bring hope to children from poor and remote areas through a ‘family’ home, a good education and spiritual encouragement. Many of the children come to Grace Home as they are from single-parent families struggling to cope, or have been through difficult circumstances and have no-one else to care for them.

Our work

She worships God and is so very happy in our Home

Grace Home seeks to be an extended family to the children. So as well as being provided with education and practical support, the children are given love and attention that most have missed out on. The hope for these children is that they will have a bright future and will be able to make decisions for their life with confidence.

It costs £20 a month to support children at Grace Home

Through our Brighter Futures Group Schemes, Rope supports the children at Grace Home.

Brighter Futures aims to create a strong foundation for vulnerable children. All the homes are close to good schools and our partners show the children an alternative way of living; rooted in scripture and bearing love, care and acceptance with Jesus at the centre.  With good education and a Christian home, all the children are able to rebuild their lives and release their God-given potential.

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