Harvest Appeal

Harvest Appeal 2019 - Harvesting Justice

This year our Harvest Appeal will support 280 farmers in Uganda through our partners, Youth Action Uganda (YAU). The project have helped 1,000 internally displaced people to farm their land productively, buy livestock and grow fruit trees. Farming groups have been established to deliver training, provide support and become a vehicle for farmers to save and lend money to each other and they have provided health awareness training. 


 Our Harvest Appeal will enable farmers to not only harvest successfully but also gain good prices at markets.  In the past, farmers have struggled to monetise the value of their crops, as they lack knowledge and access to tarpaulin and a set of scales to store and weigh the grain before selling it, meaning they would often be cheated out of profit.


Additionally, our appeal will raise money to begin the process of developing independent self-governing farming cooperatives so that the farmers can collectively bulk market their crops and gain access to larger buyers and markets leading to better income levels.

We believe that with knowledge and equipment, all 280 farmers will harvest justice in 2019!

                 Just £320 will help 10 farmers to harvest justice!

                                           Samuel’s UK Visit

Samuel Eninu, who runs Youth Action Uganda, will be visiting the UK in early October this year.  Whilst exact dates are still to be confirmed, please get in touch if you would like to request Samuel to come and speak at a church service or mid-week event and we will be happy to arrange this.

To join us please donate below or to share our Harvest Appeal with your church or small group, please email us at office@rope.org.uk and we will send through further information and materials.

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