Harvest Appeal

Harvest Appeal 2019 - Harvesting Justice

This is Mary. 

She is a farmer in Uganda. Mary struggles to dry her crop properly as she doesn’t have a clean ground sheet to lay it out on. Without clean sheets, her seed mixes with sand. At market, her crop was rejected due to the dirt. She was told not to return and left empty handed.

Mary’s hard work to simply provide for her family is hindered by this injustice and she’s not alone.

This is Ketula.

She has to guess the weight of her rice crop using a measuring cup because she has no access to scales. At market, the buyer uses a much larger cup to estimate her crop weight, leaving her significantly short-changed.

But there is hope for farmers such as Mary and Ketula.


This year our Harvest Appeal aims to support 280 farmers in Uganda through our partners, Youth Action Uganda (YAU). With your help, we can provide farmers, like Mary and Ketula,  with their much-needed equipment, ensuring their next trip to market results in a fair trade.

Additionally, our appeal will raise money to begin the process of developing independent self-governing farming cooperatives so that the farmers can collectively bulk market their crops and gain access to larger buyers and markets, leading to better income levels.

We believe that with knowledge and equipment, all 280 farmers will harvest justice in 2019!                                      

Just £32 will help a farmer to harvest justice!

35% funded
£3,109 Raised so far!


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