The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”’ Matthew 25:40

It is believed that 6 years on from the civil war in Syria, 60% of all Syrians have either fled to another country or are internally displaced.  2.2 million are living in Lebanon. 

Our partners have been working in refugee camps/settlements in Beirut, Bekaa Valley and the southern border of Lebanon since 2008, serving Iraqi refugees and then Syrian refugees after the eruption of the civil war in 2011.    Our partners provide families with monthly relief packs (food and hygiene items), friendship, counselling and where possible prayer and healing. In 2013 our partners saw the need to reach out and support the children in these communities, who account for 54% of all refugees. Only 20% are being offered education within the camps and so are left with nothing to do all day.  They are very vulnerable to the radical messages being preached in the camps and Rope and our partners are united in a desire to give them the opportunity to hear an alternative message of love, peace and hope.

Our work

I’ve learned how to pray and I am not afraid because prayer is about speaking to God and sharing our fears with Him

Our partner’s HOPE on Wheels ministry (HOW) visits the 3 areas each week adn seek to reach 800 children each month. Over the years they have developed a series of activities, which are aimed at engaging children from 3-15, who are not being offered any kind of schooling.  Their aim is to introduce the characteristics of Jesus into the lives of these children so that they come to experience His love, peace and hope and will ultimately reject the prevalent culture of radicalism which surrounds them.  

The HOPE on Wheels truck was the first part of the ministry to be developed.   The truck has been converted into a mobile theatre and the team deliver skits, songs, a piece of drama underpinned with a Bible message and a discussion time.   Each month they will focus on a character trait eg:  joy, wisdom, integrity, generosity and self-worth.   These messages are embedded into all the lessons over an entire month and so the child will hear them on a number of occasions in different formats.   Where possible they also provide lots of games equipment including a bouncy castle for the children to play and have fun. 

They also offer regular sporting activities at two sites.  The HOW team were keen to introduce sport into their programme as they became aware that boys aged 11-15 years were not as willing to engage in the other ministry.   They are a group particularly vulnerable to ISIS recruiters and so they wanted to provide activities that would engage them.  

Both activities focus on encouraging the children to develop key life skills and positive social behaviours – sharing, turn taking, kindness, caring and listening to others, team building, sportsmanship, interpersonal skills, physical fitness, improving confidence and promoting a positive self- image.



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