The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

Based in the rural district of Bungoma, one of the most heavily populated and poorest areas in western Kenya subsistent farmers live a very hand to mouth existence.  Many go without food for parts of the year and families are further burdened with the loss of parents to HIV/ AIDS, leaving grandparents as the only carers.  With no free healthcare in Kenya, the depth of poverty they face lead many to prioritise food and education over non-life saving healthcare. 

Children born with deformities, such as club foot, are often shunned and cursed.  Families are rejected within their own community and the child is kept at home and out of the way.  If not treated these children will face lives of rejection.

Our work

The gift of being able to walk normally

Over the last 3 years Rope and Dreamland Mission Hospital have been providing corrective surgery to children with these disabilities.  Over 250 children have Received treatment, which involves the child staying in the hospital for 4 days after surgery as well as follow-up treatment. 

Their chaplaincy team offer counselling to parents, who arrive wounded by their experience of caring for a child with this disability. 

It costs £250 to provide a child with corrective surgery

The long term effect of receiving this surgery cannot be under estimated.  The child can live a full and independent life, play an active part in family and village life and attend school which will lead to better job prospects.  



Nurisha, from Kenya, has the club foot condition in both feet.

Though unable to walk the family’s beliefs on modern medicine meant she could not be treated.  It was only when the family met with Dreamland Hospital’s Chaplain and heard that healing is part of God’s plan and a centerpiece of Jesus’ work, that they relented.

Nurisha has had surgery on one foot and will return for surgery on the next. Being able to walk and run will help Nurisha experience life in all its fullness!