Meet Josephine

Josephine is 56 years old, married to Steven and lives in Soroti region.

She was one of the first people to be helped by YAU.  She was given ½ bag of groundnuts and from that she grew 4 bags. With the money raised, she bought some citrus trees.  Now she is an owner of a large citrus farm consisting of 126 different trees.  She has also learnt to plants many different crops sweet potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes among others. She has bought a bike and transports her produce to market on it!

With the income she can provide for her family, pay for all their medical care and has taken in an orphan and paying for their education.

She loves that YAU is helping women as well as men on this project and says “No longer are we reliant on men for financial support – now we share the responsibility!”

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