Justine’s story

Justine, from Kimilili, western Kenya, is the last-born in a family of four children.

Her clubfoot condition caused breakdown in family relations with her father blaming her mother, Jael, and abandoning the family.  Not surprisingly Jael became a shy and anxious woman feeling ashamed that her daughter’s condition was all her fault.  As the condition was in both feet, it meant that Justine was completely dependent on her mother for her care needs.

However Jael didn’t give up hope and was rewarded when she heard of Dreamland Hospital’s service.  Due to the severity of the condition, Justine was given priority and had an operation on both feet in the first half of 2018.  Jael reports that her family, including her husband, were dumbfounded when she brought Justine back walking in her new shoes.  She is hoping that the healing of her daughter physically will lead to broken family relationships also being mended.

How you can help more children like Justine

  • £219 provides surgery, including using the services of a specialist surgeon;
  • £59 provides two-night stay in hospital;
  • £10 a month will provide 5 children with their first pair of new shoes.