Kopila’s story

Kopila came to Grace Home, Kathmandu, Nepal when she was 5 years old.  She came from a single parent family as her mother left when she was very young.  Sadly, her father died and she came to live at Grace Home.

Kopila spent her childhood and teenage years under the loving care the house parents of Grace Home. In 2019, Kopila completed a 2-year college course and is now studying for a BA in Social Work at AIMS International College.  She travels 2 hours to get to college and also helps Grace Home, doing housework and looking after the children.

Kopila is enjoying her new course and says that the teachers are both professional and friendly.  She hopes to use her degree to gain employment with the Nepal Bible Society.

She is an active member of her church’s youth fellowship, is a Sunday School teacher and a member of the choir.  She says that she has been able to share her faith with her new college friends by showing them her caring and polite behaviour.

It has been a joy to see Kopila’s progress from the age of 5 to now studying for a degree!