Lent Appeal 2020 - Keep Me Fed

If you are wondering what to ‘give up’ this Lent, then perhaps our Lent Challenge 2020 is for you. 

This year, we’re planning a giving challenge. 

Give up £1 per day (that’s not even the cost of a coffee!) for 40 days to fund a child’s term at a hostel in Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

Many of us live in areas where there seems to be a school on every corner, and the dilemma for parents revolves around which school is the very best one for their child.

Lifestyle and choices for those living in Chittagong Hill Tract, Bangladesh, couldn’t be more different. The area is mountainous, underdeveloped and impoverished. For the tribal children who live there, school is just an impossible dream.

For this reason, our partners set up a hostel in the area – run by Pastor Biramon and Sarnati. The hostel provides a loving home and an opportunity to attend school. 

Bizli, pictured left, has been at the hostel for 4 years as the nearest school to her home was 50km away. The hostel is of crucial importance to children like Bizli, but it needs money to be able to run even at its basic level. £40 is enough to keep a child housed and fed for an entire term.

Join our lent challenge by giving just £1 per day to cover the cost of a child’s term at the hostel.

Find a jar, download our label here, print it off and stick it to the jar and start collating your £1 per day.

Let us know how your progress is going by tagging us in your photos with the hashtag #rope40daychallenge!

Once you have collected your £40, click the donate button below to donate the money digitally. Alternatively, if your church has a Rope collection box put it in there (if your church does not have a collection box and you would like to request one for it please get in touch with us here).