Jay, our CEO, has recently returned from a trip to Uganda to witness for himself the difference providing drought-resistant groundnuts to 200 farmers has made.

All of these farmers struggled to grow groundnuts successfully last year and the drought that hit eastern Africa.  Following our Lenten Appeal in Spring of this year we were able to provide each farmer with 1/2 bag of drought-resistant groundnuts which they planted

Says Jay, "I am delighted to report that 203 farmers planted and God really blessed them with a good harvest  - close to 4 times the amount of groundnuts were harvested as were planted!  In fact all but 4 farmers have reported that they got more in than they planted.

This is amazing news and we praise the Lord for his provision.

My visit has reinforced my conviction that this project really is making a difference to people's lives.  Everywhere I went farmers thanked me for our support and I can personally testify that the monies given were used honourably, bringing hope back to a region, which seemed overwhelmed by the drought, when I visited in January. 

Take our top grower Betty, pictured with Field Officer James. A young widow with a family of 4 young children, she was delighted with her harvest of 8.5 bags, compared to last year's 2 bags. Betty intends to buy goats with the money earned and once they have reared will buy a bull or cow.  Her life has been transformed by groundnut growing! 

As well as directly helping 203 farmers monies raised from the Lenten Appeal also enabled our partners to store additional drought-resistant groundnut seeds, which they will use to support farmers in the future if faced with another drought. So our Appeal will be an ongoing blessing to the people of this region.

I once again thank all those that so generously responded to our Lenten Appeal."