Lifeline Gifts

Lifeline is our alternative and virtual gift scheme. We have developed a range of practical donation gifts, which help support people across the world living in poverty, despair and facing rejection. They are perfect for those who love gifts that help others! Lifeline Gifts last Christmas raised almost £12,000 directly impacting 345 children and 130 adults! 35 children in India received teaching in their own language for a whole year, 54 children received new clothes and bedding and 23 men in South Africa were trained in welding skills so they could gain employment!

This year the whole world was impacted in a way we could not have imagined. At times we have all felt uncertainty, grief and loneliness, yet for the programmes Rope supports, the impact is much greater. Without the same safety nets we have in the UK, the long term impact of Covid-19 will have dire consequences for those our partners support. Our Lifeline Gifts this year seek to help those with no safety net get back on their feet and also to provide opportunities where there are none available.

Our 2020 Lifeline gifts fall into three categories:

These gifts aim to ensure children and elderly people can continue to access non-covid health provisions and remain healthy.

These gifts seek to ensure the children and young people we support can continue their education even from a distance.

These gifts provide opportunities for people to start or continue to earn a sustainable living during Covid-19 and beyond.

We hope you will be inspired by the stories we share and the evidence we provide of how these gifts will enable people and communities to get back on their feet. Please join us this Christmas, not only blessing those that you buy gifts for, but also those whom the gifts will ultimately help.