Mathew’s story

Mathew is a 10-year-old child with leadership qualities and a smile that is full of life. When he is at the Word Made Flesh Centre in Bolivia, he is full of enthusiasm and fun. Nevertheless, his life has been far from fun. His father is an alcoholic and abandoned the family when he was small. His mother, who was working in a brothel, died when he was 5 leaving him and his four brothers and sisters orphans. The older two live on the streets but he and his other two siblings are cared for by various aunts. Mathew has been moved from aunt to aunt, then he was left to the care of his older sister who is 19, but she now has 2 babies herself. The Word Made Flesh House of Hope team has been working with the authorities to try and find a safe place for him. They have seen him become sad and losing all interest in attending school.

With support of the social worker a temporary safe place was found for him to live, and his mood and sense of hope is increasing and is hopeful that one of his aunts will receive him back to live with her.

We ask for your prayers for Mathew, that he would be able to cope with the transition, remain emotionally stable and also for the aunt to have the resources to provide for his basic and educational needs.

How you can help?

Mathew is one of around 70 children who are being supported by Word Made Flesh at their House of Hope provision.

  • £10 will ensure a child gets a daily meal and access to medical treatment at the House of Hope for a whole month.
  • £10 a month would ensure that Word Made Flesh can offer therapy and support in a family crisis for children like Mathew for a whole year.