Meet Ambi Vivian

Ambi Vivian sought help when she faced financial difficulties following the death of her husband.

She had no money to invest in her income generating business.  She couldn’t pay the rent , feed her children or send them to school.

She came to Mirabelle and Samuel asking for help.  Following counselling and experiencing the love of Jesus, Ambi Vivian came to faith.  She became a prayerful and committed member of her church.

With a small investment of capital she was able to increase the quantity and quality of cow-skin for her business.  (She dries the cow-skin and then sells it as food at markets).  This helped increase her profits and meant she could pay her rent regularly, feed her children and send them to school.

In 2018 Rope gave her a small amount of further investment to help her to become a wholesaler of the product, selling to much larger retail customers.  She hopes to be able to buy land and build her own home.