Meet Clint

Clint, 32, experienced  an extremely troubled upbringing. His parents had a very abusive relationship, which led to his father killing his mother and then hanging himself when Clint was only 5 years old. It was Clint who found both parents. He grew up with his sister in children’s homes and turned to drugs. He had to steal to maintain his drug use and joined a gang, where he witnessed and committed horrendous crimes, leading to numerous spells in prison.

He could not maintain a relationship, even though he had two children, and ended up homeless—eating out of rubbish bins and stealing to keep up his drug habit. In desperation he turned to his girlfriend, Francis, and she brought him to our partners. He successfully completed the Change Maker programme and returned to the family home in July 2017. He thoroughly enjoyed his work experience in Boa Boa and continues to work there. In December 2017, he and Francis were married.  Aubin is in the yellow tie and stands behind Clinton in the photograph.  He acted as his witness at the service.