Meet Jacob

Jacob, 26, came to our partners in 2014 asking for help having met an old friend, who had come through the programme.  Like Jacob, this friend has been addicted to drugs and Jacob couldn’t believe the transformation he saw and wanted it for himself.  He knew his life was a mess, but when he saw his friend, he hoped that he could change too.  After his successful completion of the programme, Jacob was helped to find a job pushing trolleys at a supermarket and was able to marry long term girlfriend Anna. Jacob has developed a deep love for the Lord. He is now a motivational speaker at local churches and schools and one of the leaders of the Faithful Ones. He is always praising the Lord, even in times of difficulty. Jacob and Anna would desperately like to have children, but Anna has suffered a number of miscarriages and still births, including losing twins.  Please join us as we pray that the Lord with bless this couple.