John’s story

John and his wife, Rose, have eight children and live in Napak district. They joined Tithe to Thrive’s pilot year as they felt the training would not only improve their agricultural knowledge but also their ability to determine their own future.

In the first year they grew sunflower, sorghum and cassava and were in fact the first in their village to grow sorghum which they ground into flour for cooking. Their sunflower crops generated enough money to enable them to buy their first animal – a cow! The whole family are delighted as they all get milk to drink and in time they hope that the cow will produce bulls, which they will use to plough a larger acreage of land and improve their crop yields.

  • £15 will provide a farmer with planting materials and equipment to help them grow, dry and sell their crops successfully.
  • £20 a month will provide a farmer with two years of training, mentoring and support so they move from dependency to economic self-sustainability.