Meet Mirabelle

Mirabelle was a child of a widow and the youngest of 3 children. Her father died when she was 17 years old, which abruptly stopped her college education.  Her mother, ill equipped to financially support her family, sought help from other family members, her husband’s family stripped her home of its possessions and took over her husband’s coffee and raffia farm.

Mirabelle states “there was no one to defend her; no one to comfort her; no one to counsel or encourage her in this strange world in which she found herself.”

It was only at 19 when she met and married Samuel who was able to take care of her and her mother so she was able to return to her studies.   It was in 2000, after the death of her mother that God called her to this ministry which she bases on James 1:27.  With Samuel’s support, and guidance from her Pastor, Mirabelle began ‘Hope for Widows and Orphans Ministries’ (HWOM), reaching out to widows and their families within her own community.   Both Mirabelle and Samuel are sought-after preachers and have spent many years sharing this message in and around the region.

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