Meet Vania

As you celebrate a new family being created this wedding season, help families like Vania’s* heal.

12 year old Vania, and her family have experiencing healing through our partner’s House of Hope ministry centre in Bolivia.

Vania’s family faced trauma when their father died and their mother entered the dark world of prostitution to support her family.  As Vania came to see our partner’s  ministry centre as a safe place, where she felt valued and cared for, she felt able to open up and share that she was being abused by family members.

The whole family is now receiving treatment and care so all can be healed.

A small but essential part of our partner’s holistic programme is celebrating each and every child’s birthday – a moment when songs, games, cake and presents reinforce the truth that as children of God, they are loved, valued and precious to Him.

This wedding season as you celebrate a new family being created, why not buy a gift that helps to heal an existing family.

From £23 our wedding gifts will help families heal as they celebrate children’s birthdays. To find out more click here.

*name changed for privacy and respect.