Mikma’s story

Mikma was born in a remote village in Nepal and was brought to Dolpa when her elderly grandmother was too frail to care for her. Her parents had divorced, with her mother moving away, leaving her father dying of throat cancer. Mikma arrived a very scared little girl and clearly underweight.

Amos and Doma, houseparents of Dolpa, have over 10 years’ experience of welcoming children into their home and helping them to heal and thrive. Often children struggle with the new diet as food has been so limited and Mikma was no exception.

However, with persistence and love, Mikma has thrived!

She now loves all the food she eats at Dolpa and tried everything! Mikma is described as warm hearted, humble and honest, and is doing really well in school. She loves skipping and singing, and talks about being a nurse when she grows up. Through the loving ministry of Dolpa Home, Mikma has discovered Jesus and loves listening to bible stories and praying openly.

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  • £25 a month will provide children like Mikma a chance to live at a Brighter Future home and gain a good education
Mikma from Nepal