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Yasmeen with sewing machine

Yasmeen’s story

Yasmeen grew up believing she would not gain an education. Today, with your support, she went to school, worked through a vocational training course and is now one of the trainers on the course educating other women!

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JP’s story

JP went from a life of drugs and alcohol addiction, in street gangs and spells in and out of prison to a transformed life of healing and working his first ever job!

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Mikma from Nepal

Mikma’s story

Mikma arrived at our children’s home in Nepal very scared and clearly underweight. With love and a balanced diet from the houseparents Mikma has thrived.

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Osege’s story

Osege had farmed for 50 years but struggle greatly until YAU introduced him to new methods of farming and gave him a place on the Tithe to Thrive programme.

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John’s story

John has truly thrived on the Tithe to Thrive programme. He and his wife were the first in their village to grow sorghum which they ground into flour for cooking. Their sunflower crops earned them enough money to buy a cow and now their family can drink milk!

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Youth Action Uganda

For nearly 30 years Uganda has faced one of the longest civil wars in Africa’s history, with 100,000 killed, over 20,000 children abducted and 1.5 million people displaced. In eastern Uganda, Samuel and his team have helped 1,000 internally displaced people to farm their land productively, buy livestock and grow fruit trees. Farming groups have

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