Cameroon, Hope for Widows and Orphans

For over 14 years our Change Makers have brought hope into the lives of over 300 widows and their children.

In parts of Africa, the loss of a woman’s husband can lead to the loss of status, possessions, home and even livelihood.  Once married, a woman becomes the property of her husband. On his death she has no rights over his assets and so his family will often reclaim these.

Meet Ambi Vivian

Ambi Vivian sought help when she faced financial difficulties following the death of her husband. She had no money to invest in her income generating business.  She couldn’t pay the rent , feed her children or send them to school. She came to Mirabelle and Samuel asking for help.  Following counselling and experiencing the love …

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Youth Action Uganda

For 15 years Samuel and his team have been seeking to change the prevalent culture of violence in eastern Uganda. By training 1,000 people in the simple act of growing groundnuts and other crops, they are creating healthy, successful and peaceful societies.

Meet Helen

Helen, 30, and her husband John, 60, are victims of war, having seen two children killed and their home destroyed.

Meet Steven

Steven, 26, is married with a little boy.  He is grateful to YAU for all the health training and support he has received. 

Meet Josephine

Josephine is 56 years old, married to Steven and lives in Soroti region.