Nicole’s story

Nicole, 29, first started sleeping with men when she was 14 years old as there was simply not enough money to feed everyone in her family.

This decision led to Nicole working as a prostitute in Kinshasa, DR Congo for many years.  At one point, Nicole met and fell in love with a man.  However, after having two children, he left her, leaving her with no alternative to return to prostitution.

In 2017, during this dark time, Nicole met and befriended one of our partners’ evangelists from BOMO.  After spending a year attending groups and bible studies, she was invited onto their year-long vocational training course.  Though Nicole’s schooling had been non-existent, she was determined to work hard and gain good sewing and tailoring skills in order to provide for her children.

By the end of 2018, Nicole had flourished on the course and passed all her exams with distinction.  While living in BOMO’s hostel she had come to faith and was actively sharing the Gospel message with those around her.

So the staff team at BOMO decided to offer her a place on their newly created second year course.  Developed for 2019, the team now provide further training for eight women who showed promise in 2018, with the hope that all will establish their own workshops and employ future graduates.  BOMO reports that Nicole excelled in her second year, tackling more complex patterns for dresses, skirts, blouses and shirts.  She has also reached out to her own network of friends offering to make clothes so she can practise her skills and develop a client base.

How you can help more women like Nicole?

  • £12 will provide a woman with all sewing materials for a whole year
  • £100 will buy her a sewing machine for when she graduates
  • £35 a month will give a women a year’s full training at BOMO’s centre