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Lifeline gifts

Lifeline is our alternative gift scheme; perfect for friends and family who often want a gift that helps someone else instead of them! We have developed a range of practical gifts, which help support people across the world living in poverty, despair and facing rejection.


Lifeline Gifts are perfect for celebrating milestone events such as a birthday, wedding or wedding anniversary.

Gift Cards

Once purchased online we will send a Lifeline card with a message inside highlighting the gift purchased.  
There is space for you to write a personal message inside and the cards come with their own envelope.

  • Hygiene packs for 2 imprisoned children in Kenya


    £3 will provide 2 children with hygiene packs this Christmas

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  • Hat, scarf, gloves and socks for a Syrian refugee child in Lebanon


    £6 will provide a hat, scarf, gloves and socks for a
    refugee child in Lebanon.

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  • Toys and games for a child in a Children’s Home


    £10 will provide a child at one of our 5 homes
    with toys and games.

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  • Hot meals for a week for 3 children in Macedonia


    £15 will provide 3 children in Macedonia with
    hot meals for a week.

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  • School supplies for a child in Bolivia


    £20 will provide school supplies for a child in Bolivia.

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  • Train a primary school teacher in India


    £50 will provide training for a primary school teacher in India for a year.

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  • Splints and a new pair of shoes for a child in Kenya


    £60 will provide splints and a pair of new shoes for a child in Kenya.

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  • Sewing machine for a woman in DR Congo


    £120 will provide a sewing machine for a woman in DR Congo.

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  • Winterisation packs for 2 Syrian refugee families in Lebanon


    £350 will buy a complete winterisation pack for 2 refugee families.

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