For 25 years Rope has sought to reach those forgotten and rejected living in poverty, enabling them to realise their God-given potential.

We seek that they will be Citizens of Hope, fully restored practically, emotionally and spiritually.

We work through a network of Christian partners, called Ropeholders, who are often local people, experts in their own community and ideally suited to meet local needs and deliver transformational change to individuals and communities.

Ultimately we seek to restore God's Kingdom, so His will is done on earth and it is in Heaven.

Our impact in 25 years

We have raised £11 million and delivered transformational change for 10,000 vulnerable people worldwide:

  • built schools and homes in areas hit by disasters;
  • built 549 wells to bring fresh water to people in remote communities;
  • educated 650 children in their own tribal language;
  • provided Christ-centred homes for over 500 vulnerable children in Africa and Asia;
  • brought dignity to over 500 widows in India and Cameroon;
  • trained 600 displaced people to farm their land successfully in Uganda;
  • planted churches in Europe, Pakistan so people can hear the Gospel preached for the first time.

We remain passionate to respond to God's call to bring full restoration to those forgotten and rejected by others.