Our Approach


We listen to and follow God’s call when finding and working with our Change Makers.


We spend time understanding God’s vision for their work and how we can connect with them to make it a reality.


We help our Change Makers to develop plans, with clear outcomes, which will achieve transformation. We spend time providing the necessary funds, training and resources to enable them to flourish.


We encourage our Change Makers to review their work, ensuring that they don’t overstretch themselves, but keep focussed on the work God has set out for them.


We pray for our Change Makers and encourage a network of UK supporters to join us in this ministry. Our Change Makers value this ministry deeply and often share needs and difficult situations with us.


We challenge our Change Makers to invest in their communities in ways which will ultimately lead to self-sustainability for all. This has often meant developing creative plans to access funds, training and resources from within the country.