Ramon’s story

Ramon, from Santo Domingo, Ecuador is a trainer on our partners’ craft-based vocational programme.

He is intelligent, with plenty of initiative and is developing into a wise and gifted teacher. However, this was not the picture of Ramon when he first came to our partner’s training programme in January 2018. He was born able-bodied and used to work in a local hotel. Following a motorbike accident he was tragically left paralysed from the waist down. His pregnant girlfriend left him and so Ramon shared a one room flat with his elderly mother, relying on her meagre income to support them both.

His story is not unique in Ecuador.  It is estimated that 15% of the population are people with disabilities and the huge stigma attached means that there is little or no vocational training or employment available to them, consigning them to a life of poverty.  Rope’s partners, Artizan International, established their programme in Ecuador to support people with disabilities to gain training, employment and some independency.  Their hope is that by displaying their talents, skills and employability, wider society will begin to view people with disabilities differently.

This is exactly what happened to Ramon. He was able to earn enough money to rent a much bigger flat for him, his mother and for his son to stay and in 2019, Ramon was offered a position of part-time trainer and driver.  Ramon is in charge of a newly purchased and adapted minibus so trainees can be transported to the programme.  Ramon is loving his new role and it is hoped that in time he will take on more responsibility – maybe being the leader of the programme!

How you can help other people like Ramon

  • £10 will provide a vulnerable adult with a craft kit once they graduate
Ramon in Ecuador cutting paper