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Welcome to our online shop, where you can purchase Lifeline gifts.

Lifeline is our alternative gift scheme; perfect for friends and family who often want a gift that helps someone else instead of them! We have developed a range of practical gifts, which help support people across the world living in poverty, despair and facing rejection.


Lifeline Gifts are perfect for celebrating milestone events such as a birthday, wedding or wedding anniversary.

Once purchased online we will send a Lifeline card with a message inside highlighting the gift purchased. 
There is space for you to write a personal message inside and the cards come with their own envelope.


As we enter the season of wedding, we have developed a range of alternative gifts perfect for couples who would want to bless others on their special day.

All three gifts are aimed at helping farmers in Uganda to become more self-sufficient.

  • Mother’s Day – Flowers for Flour


    £10 provides a vulnerable woman in the Philippines with training in baking

    More Details
  • Concert Ticket: 16s and Under

    £5.00 More Details
  • Concert Ticket: Adult

    £10.00 More Details