A pair of goats for a farmer in Uganda


£45 will buy a pair of goats for one farmer.

For six years, our partners have been working with 1,000 internally displaced people, victims of the civil war in Uganda. These people have become farmers, learning to farm land successfully through the simple act of growing groundnuts.

Now our partners want more farmers to improve their economic status by expanding their activities.

We are helping them purchase livestock.

A pair of goats will breed and produce milk to support an entire family year after year.  Additionally a goat sold at market will generate enough income to pay for a child’s school fees.  Farmers will also sell a number of goats to buy a cow, so increasing their livestock.

Brenda’s Story

Brenda sold 5 bags of groundnut seed and bought her first goats.  They kidded two times and she was able to sell one of them and pay for her child to go to school.

£45 will buy a pair of goats for one farmer.