Keep Me Healthy: £4 will pay for a health checkup for two children

A regular health check ensures Jogesh’s eyesight remains healthy.

From a very young age, Jogesh struggled with his eyes. They itched so much he could barely sleep at night. Living in Godiput, a small remote tribal village in the state of Odisha in India, his parents had little access to healthcare and so looked to traditional healers for help.

Nothing worked and in desperation they brought him to AKS’s hospital where he was diagnosed with allergic conjunctivitis and started on a course of treatment. While visiting the hospital, the parents heard about the local multi-lingual education centre which AKS run and decided to enrol Jogesh the following year.

Jogesh has now been at school for six years and with treatment has completely recovered from his eye problem. As part of attending school, all of the children are given regular health checks and so conditions similar to Jogesh’s are being picked up and treated.

Jogesh is one of around 600 children registered at one of 16 MLE centres and at this time of Covid-19, our partners are keen that the children continue to receive regular health checkups.

£4 will pay for a health checkup for two children