Action for children: £30 will provide clothing and bedding for a child to keep warm.

Wesley and Babu

Wesley, 13 and Babu, 10, came to our Jehovah Jireh home in India in 2016. Their father had died suddenly from a heart attack and their mother, a frail woman, was simply unable to care for them.

Initially both boys really missed their mum and struggled to cope being so far away from her and the life they knew. However, houseparents Timothy and Chand-Bibi worked hard to ensure the boys felt loved and secure, giving them time to spend with their mother as and when she was able to visit.

Three years on Wesley and Babu love home life. Babu is doing well at school and is developing into a natural leader. He has a passion for the environment and is often found using recycled material to make something new! His older brother is strong academically and is described as a calm, responsible boy.  Both boys have come to know Christ as their Saviour and have led their previously-Hindu mother to faith as well.

One of the highlights of home life for Wesley and Babu is the yearly Christmas shopping expedition! Each year the children enjoy a shopping trip and meal out in a nearby town- a real treat.

Our 6 Brighter Futures children’s homes provide a safe, loving home and access to education for 140 children. Help provide new clothes and warm bedding for each of the children this Christmas.