Keep Me Working: £10 will provide vulnerable adults with a craft kit once they graduate

Helping vulnerable adults gain skills so they can work independently.

The accident that led to Jose being wheelchair-bound deprived him of a future, and his wife and five children of a strong father figure and provider.

With everything taken from him in an instant, Jose was left hopeless and he closed himself off from the world. Angry at the injustice of it all, he refused to leave the family home, in Ecuador, for five long years.

It seems incredible that the simple act of jewellery making would be the pathway that would lead Jose out of his anger and feelings of rejection and encourage him to embrace life again. But in rediscovering his talent for this craft, that is exactly what has happened to Jose! Through Artizan International’s programme he reignited his love for the South American craft of Tagua jewellery making. Coming to our partners and teaching others his talent, Jose has come to accept his accident.

No longer shut inside, he is now inspiring others and becoming a natural leader on the programme. Lockdown has been exceptionally challenging for the artizans we work with, but the staff team have continued to support them, providing resources for them in their homes, so they could continue working and selling their goods so they would have regular income coming in.

Jose is one of 27 people who are being equipped so they can work independently.

£10 will provide vulnerable adults with a craft kit once they graduate