Action for skills: £175 will provide everything a farmer needs to set themselves up for success

Support a farmer in Uganda by funding the training, tools and first seeds they need for success

Our partners, Youth Action Uganda, support previously internally displaced people following the civil war in the country a few years ago.

Fund a Farmer will provide a farmer with support to grow their agricultural business to provide income for themselves and their family. They are provided with help and advice as they set up their farm. The support includes tools and first seeds as well as training and mentor-ship.

They are also given health and nutrition advice for them and their family to keep well at home as well as education on their basic rights.

The ultimate aim of Fund a Farmer is to enable people to create income to be independent and self-sufficient as well as guide people to live in peaceful community together in a land that was once living in conflict.

Fund a farmer with everything they need to grow and yield crops successfully.