£12 will fund 3 children to learn to read in their mother tongue.

Give the gift of reading this Mother’s Day

Many of us have fond memories of helping our own children learn to read or remember our mothers helping us.

In DRC, so many children are unable to read because they are being taught in a language they don’t understand. By the time they get to year 3 or 4, many drop out of school due to disappointment and frustration.

Our partners are pioneering a new way of teaching rural children in their own language – Ngbaka.

They are printing 6,000 books in the Ngbaka language and have also trained local teachers focusing on the mother tongue teaching concept and provided them with new teaching manuals.

It is so amazing for these children to hear their school teacher teach them in their own mother tongue. Many of them will be the first to read in their families!

Mme Ndombale, first year teacher at Tanga Primary School, said, “I have been a teacher for 10 years. I love to see children set on the right path for life. By starting education off in the mother tongue, the children will learn very quickly.”

This new teaching approach will make such a difference to the thousands of rural children we are reaching, providing them with better educational and economic opportunities than their parents had.

Empower children in rural villages in DRC with education in their own language.