Action for children: £250 will pay for a whole year of education for 5 children at one of our centres.

Innovative education in rural India

Our partners, Asha Kiran Society (AKS), run 16 multi-lingual centres in remote villages of India.  They noticed that many children were unable to gain education as they were not taught in their language and could not progress to the next stage.

The team fill a gap in education provision. Their innovative approach is based around the design and delivery of its curriculum, ensuring that the tribes’ oral traditions are respected. The curriculum incorporates local traditions, stories, songs, poems and sayings so the content is familiar as the children learn to read and write.  It is both classroom and village based and often includes outside activities.

Once reading and writing in their own language is established the children can progress to learning languages that are taught in government secondary schools. This approach has proved successful and last year all the children graduating from primary AKS schools gained places at government-run secondary schools.

AKS have also recruited and trained 49 local people from the villages as their teacher workforce, bringing much needed employment to these remote communities.

Empower children from rural villages in India with a year of education at one of our centres