Hygiene packs for 2 imprisoned children in Kenya


£3 will provide 2 children with hygiene packs this Christmas

£3 will provide 2 children with hygiene packs this Christmas

Kenya, Glad’s House

Each year our partners work with 600 imprisoned children in Kenya, whose only crime is living on the streets of Mombasa. Once rounded up, the children face 3 months at a time in prison before their case is heard and often released without charge.

The social work team support the children whilst in prison, ensuring their basic rights are respected. They provide monthly hygiene packs including items such as toothbrush and paste, soap, toilet rolls and underwear so each child has access to basic healthcare.

By providing a child with a hygiene pack you are passing on the love, care and dignity that Christ instructs us to share with all those experiencing injustice.

Lorenzo’s Story

As Lorenzo, 28, who faced many years living on the streets and periods in prison puts it, “When you are in prison and someone comes to visit you and brings you soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush, it makes you feel so happy. If nothing else it shows you that someone, somewhere cares for you.”