Abhi is pictured below as a child learning to write and now at secondary school. He says that without the Sikrel centre, education would have been a distant dream for him and many other children from his village!


Action for children: £10 will support a child’s first term at school with teaching in their own language.

Abhi’s story

Our partners, Asha Kiran Society, run 16 multi-lingual centres in remote villages of India.  They noticed that many children were unable to gain education as they were not taught in their language and could not progress to the next stage.

The team developed their own curriculum that incorporated local traditions, stories, songs, poems and sayings so the content is familiar as the children learn to read and write.  The curriculum is both classroom and village based and often includes outside activities.

There are so many amazing stories which testify to why this programme is so significant in bringing transformation to these communities. However, Abhi’s story perhaps sums it up best. Abhi graduated from AKS’ Sikrel centre in 2018.

Abhi was the first in his family to study. He learnt to write by using chalk to draw on the floor of his classroom. He was a very shy boy but studied well and secured a place at the government school after graduating from AKS’ Sikrel centre in 2018.

Initially he struggled studying in the state language of Odia, as his mother tongue, Kondh, is entirely different. However, he had been taught the basics of Odia by AKS and though he had difficulty speaking in class he persisted and, to his absolute surprise, came first in his end of year exams!

Empower children from rural villages in India to gain literacy skills and education in their own tribal language.