School supplies for a child in Bolivia


£20 will provide school supplies for a child in Bolivia.

£20 will provide school supplies for a child in Bolivia.

Word Made Flesh, Bolivia

Our partners in El Alto, Bolivia, reach out to prostituted women, who have often faced abuse as children, and have no other means of supporting their families. A key part of their work is to ensure these women’s children attend school and gain qualifications so they have different life choices to those their mothers faced. Each year, each child is given a backpack to carry paper, notebook, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, rubber, scissors and glue.

This Christmas we are covering the cost of these items. We hope to remind the children that they are valuable in Christ’s eyes, and want to equip them with the tools needed to learn and develop as children of God.

Dana’s Story

Dana is 15 years old. She lost her mother—who was working as a prostitute—when she was just 8. She and her three older siblings have been brought up by their grandmother. Her grandmother runs a small market stall but struggles to support the children on such a low income.

Dana helps her grandmother on the stall. She has been coming to our partner’s children’s programme for the last 8 years. Initially Dana was extremely vulnerable and emotionally frozen – unable to understand or express emotions. Now 8 years on she has made significant progress and our partners report on her lovely smile, laugh and desire to participate in activities. Dana is now able to express her emotions in a safe space such as the one-to-one therapy sessions. She is exemplary in her academic studies and dreams of becoming a vet or graphic