Splints and a new pair of shoes for a child in Kenya


£60 will provide splints and a pair of new shoes for a child in Kenya.

£60 will provide splints and a pair of new shoes for a child in Kenya.

Dreamland Mission Hospital, western Kenya

Our partners provide life changing corrective surgery for children born with the club foot disability. After surgery each child is put in a plaster cast. Once the cast is removed the child is given a brand new pair of shoes with splints. These shoes are often the very first pair they have ever received! Through Dreamland’s transformational service, over 400 children are now walking, running, going to school and becoming cherished members of their communities.

Justine’s Story

Justine, from Kenya, is 4 years old and the last-born in a family of four children. Her clubfoot condition caused real breakdown in her family, as her father blamed her mother, and subsequently abandoned the family. Not surprisingly, Jael, her mother, became shy and anxious, feeling as though her daughter’s condition was her fault.

As the condition was in both feet, it meant that Justine was completely dependent on her mother for her care needs. However Jael didn’t give up hope and was rewarded when she heard of Dreamland. Due to the severity of the condition, Justine was given priority and had an operation on both feet in the first half of 2018.

This picture shows Justine in her first ever pair of shoes! Jael reports that her family, including her husband, were dumbfounded when they saw Justine stood in her new shoes.  We all thank God for this amazing turnaround – that he has not only healed Justine, but also helped a family reunite.