Keep Me Working: £600 will pay a teacher’s salary for a year

Help young teachers to continue to work.

Namita, 19, is one of the happiest people in her village. Why? Because she gets to do her dream job every day!

She has always loved learning and wanted to be a teacher as a child. Sadly, even though she secured a place at college, her family couldn’t afford the fees and so her education stopped.

Staying at home and trying to study alone didn’t work for her and she failed her exams.

Namita was delighted when Rope’s partners AKS trained her and offered her a teaching position at one of their Multi-Language Education (MLE) centres. AKS offer a unique approach to teaching children in rural India. They teach in the tribal language first, before introducing them to the language used in government schools, thus giving them a much better start.

Now working at a centre in her local village, Namita has recently taken her college exams and is waiting to hear the results.

Like so many schools all over the world, Namita’s centre had to close down as Covid struck India. Now she is working with AKS staff to deliver classes to her pupils in small socially distanced groups. Though school is changing, her desire to teach her pupils is as strong as ever.

Namita is one of 50 teachers working in 16 MLE centres in rural tribal communities in the state of Odisha, India.

£600 will pay a teacher’s salary for a year