Action for skills: £50 will provide welding equipment and skills for employment

John-Paul’s story

John-Paul (JP), 23, had alcohol and drug addictions and literally knocked on the door of our partner’s centre after his father, who had also struggled with addiction, had died. His father had sought help from a rehab centre, but died of a stroke while still being treated.

Our partners, Change Makers, run a programme for men from addictions. A lifetime of drugs and alcohol, in street gangs and spells in and out of prison had left JP with an uncontrollable temper. One violent incident even resulted in him being suspended from the programme for 2 weeks and only returning once he had committed to a counselling and anger management course.

JP then came to faith and with time became obedient, respectful and dedicated to the programme. He completed vocational training in welding, which he thoroughly enjoyed and went on to secure a job as a boiler maker at a local company. This is his first ever job and he is immensely thankful to God for leading him to the Change Makers programme!

Our men’s detox and rehab programme in South Africa provides vocational training in welding. The team work hard to equip the men with skills to gain employment and stay clean after they have completed the programme.