Toys and games for a child in a Children’s Home


£10 will provide a child at one of our 5 homes
with toys and games.

£10 will provide a child at one of our 5 homes with toys and games.

Brighter Futures Homes

There are currently 130 children in our 5 children’s homes in India and Nepal. Many are orphaned, from single parent families, have faced abuse or been abandoned. All of the homes offer them a loving, caring Christian family and access to good local schools.

This year we want to provide all the homes with outdoor and indoor toys for children to enjoy this Christmas. Toys will include skipping ropes, footballs, cricket bats, board games, cuddly toys and craft material.

Amos and Doma’s Story

As our partners Amos and Doma, from the Dolpa Home in Nepal reflect, the difference of receiving a present for a child in a home is hugely significant. “I see the joy and happiness on their faces when they get a new toy. It makes them feel special” says Amos.

Doma adds “Often when they get a new toy, they look to keep it in good condition. The younger
girls are particularly loving if they get a cuddly toy as a gift. They will look after them as if they are their own baby, giving them a wash, dressing them and most of all playing with them.”

We hope to be able to bless every child at each of our children’s homes with gifts this Christmas