Keep Me Healthy: £6 will provide a weekly shop for a child so they can grow healthy and strong

Food has kept these sisters healthy and strong.

It is wonderful to see Binita and older sister Sarita working in the garden of Grace Home and learning to grow vegetables and plants. Recently Binita has grown tomatoes from seeds, while Sarita has grown pumpkins and chillies.

This is a far cry from when they arrived at Grace Home six years ago.  The village in the Mugu district of Nepal where they came from lacked healthcare and education and the family struggled to feed them.

Food was an essential part of helping the girls grow healthy and strong so they could engage fully in the life of the home.  Now they are both attending school and love school life. Binita is hard working and gains good marks in her exams and hopes to become a teacher, while Sarita is described as a fast learner and very creative and would like to become a nurse one day.

Both love living at Grace Home and enjoy growing foods and learning how to cook, and like any young girls they have lots of hobbies including drawing, painting and dancing.

There are nine girls living at Grace Home and all of them except one remained in the home during lockdown and continued their studies remotely. House parent, Maya, reports that this has been a very special time for the children as they have learned and laughed together and developed an incredibly close bond.

Binita and Sarita are two of 122 children, cared for by our six children’s homes in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

£6 will provide a weekly food shop for a child so they can grow healthy and strong