Winterisation packs for 2 refugee families in Lebanon


£350 will buy a complete winterisation pack for 2 refugee families.

£350 will buy a complete winterisation pack for 2 refugee families.

Heart for Lebanon

Rope and our partners are seeking to support refugee families this winter by providing complete winterisation packs. Unable to return home due to the ongoing violence in their country or to secure long-term employment in Lebanon, they now live a life in limbo. The winterisation packs provide a family with 6 blankets, warm clothing pack – hats, scarves, socks and gloves for six – 2 plastic ground sheets, 2 carpets and 4 mattresses. Having supported refugees for over 10 years, our partners have found these items to be essential in helping a family to keep warm and dry in winter.

Maheer’s Story

Maheer and his wife, Kameeh escaped the war in Syria with their five children a number of years ago. They reached the Bekaa valley, moving into one of the settlements. They only
thought it would be for a short while, as they, like many around them, hoped they could
return to rebuild their homes and lives back in Syria.

Maheer rented a spot in a field and built their tent using materials he could find. Though he has found bits and pieces of work, employment is always temporary and he constantly searches for more.

The family have now experienced a number of winters under canvas. Kameeh says, “Life in the tent is tough, especially during the winter. The plastic sheets leak water and when it rains heavily, water floods into the tent”. When it is cold, the family struggle especially with frequent power cuts and expensive generator charges. Our partners have since introduced their winterisation packs to help alleviate these difficulties and share the love and care of Christ during the harsh winter conditions.