South Africa, Changemakers

Our partners, Change Makers in South Africa, seek to heal men trapped in lives of drug and alcohol addiction and gang culture.  Their hope is that all will come to know Christ as their Lord and reconnect with their children and families. 

The project is based in the Roodewal ghetto, near Worcester, north of Cape Town.  Worcester is well known as the start of the wine region of South Africa, but the Roodewal Community is a severely deprived suburb, notorious for gang and drug related violence, with many trapped in a perpetual cycle of addiction and crime.  The effect on family life is devastating, with 80% of children having no father figure in their life. 

Erena Van Deventer and her team are passionate to see men healed and taking their rightful place as fathers within this community.  Their three stage detox and rehabilitation programme offers healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also prepares the men for full reintegration into mainstream life –  finding work, reconciling with their families and attending discipleship courses.  Since it began the team have worked with 68 men – 67% of whom have come to faith.  Erena also testifies to wider transformation in the community, with a significant reduction in gun violence.  They can accommodate 16 men on the programme at any one time.   


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