The rural areas of Colombia have some of the highest rates of poverty in the country.  The 50 years armed conflict in the country has led to violence, drug abuse, gang crime and Colombia being the country with the highest number of internally displaced people

Children are growing up with no hope. 

Around 8,000 children under the age of 1 die every year and one million children are not in education.  High levels of sexual violence are perpetrated against them often from family members.  Many parents struggle to care for their children, with some abandoned and left to be raised by other relations. Sadly, older children can turn to drug abuse and become members of gangs.

Most of these rural areas have no childcare system and there is limited support from government or NGO programmes.  Children are not seen as a priority and their needs are not understood and churches seek to evangelise rather than disciple.  

Our work

He feels loved and accepted and his behaviour has improved

Since 2011, Rope and our partners VIVE have been seeking to bring the real presence of Christ into the lives of these children through Christian clubs, leading them on an adventure of faith.

Working thorough local churches, our partners establish weekly Christian clubs, which seek to disciple children and young people in their faith.  Many of the volunteer leaders have not known positive adult role models in their own life and so much of our partner’s work in establishing these clubs is mentoring the adults to lead and support children to a deeper faith with Christ. 

It costs £4 to train and resource a leader at a club

The clubs are safe places for the children to experience Christ.  Over the year many of the children coming to the club have been able to share their stories and to seek healing for the violence and abuse they have often faced in their own homes.

Since its inception VIVE has opened 40 Christian clubs and are enabling over 2,100 vulnerable children to experience Christ in their lives.