Walking 4 Comfort

This year’s Women Walking 4 Women event will be raising money for widows in Cameroon, like Comfort.

In many parts of Africa, a woman, once married, becomes the property of her husband and his family. Upon his death all marital assets revert to his family and this can lead to a woman facing homelessness, loss of livelihood and rejection.

Over the last 15 years our Change Makers Mirabelle and Samuel have sought to change outcomes for these women.     One of them is called Comfort,  here is her story.

Comfort came seeking help 10 years ago.  Her husband had died, leaving her to raise her 4 children alone.  She was in conflict with her husband’s family and could scarcely making ends meet with her small hairnet business and farm holding.

Now Comfort’s life has been transformed.

Her home has been rebuilt,  she has developed her businesses and farm and can now feed her children and send the younger ones to school.  Through counselling and pastoral support, she has come to faith and made peace with her husband’s family.   An active church member and keen evangelist, she is hoping to start a widows’ group to  support other women facing loss.


We hope you will be inspired to be one of the 100 women, who will be “Walking 4 Comfort” on Saturday 15th September.

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