Women Walking 4 Women Update

On Saturday 15th September 2018, 85 women walked 10 miles to help widows in Cameroon to provide for themselves and their children. We are delighted to report that they raised an incredible £11,794.25!

In many parts of Africa, a woman, once married, becomes the property of her husband and his family. Upon his death all marital assets revert to his family and this can lead to a woman facing homelessness, loss of livelihood and rejection.

Over the last 15 years our Change Makers, Mirabelle and Samuel, have helped women who have been ostracised and left hopeless. The team have encourage and empowered these women to re-build their homes, start up small businesses, come to know the Lord and even reconcile with those who had rejected them.

The walk felt like God’s perfect timing as an active separatist movement in Cameroon had begun a reign of violence, often aimed at women and children. It felt as though God wanted us to highlight the plight of this marginalised group and to lift up our partner’s transformative work in prayer.


We hope you will be inspired to help us continue supporting these women through our Women Singing 4 Women scratch choir event on Saturday 9th March.

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