El Alto (Spanish for The Heights) is the second-largest city in Bolivia, located adjacent to the capital city La Paz, on the Altiplano highlands.  It is home for women, whose poverty has forced them into prostitution as the only way to survive. Prostitution is legal in Bolivia but prostitutes are looked down on and marginalised. They and their children live unsafe lives in which they struggle to make ends meet and are constantly at risk.

Our work

Rope's partners, Word Made Flesh, operate the House of Hope for women who are sex workers, abused women and those who have faced trafficking. Their vision is to show the women and their children the love of God so that they can know and love Him and ultimately choose different lives for themselves.

Our partners deliver practical support - food, health clinic, counselling and therapy programmes - as well as vocational training.

It costs £25 a week to support the children's drop-in centre

Rope supports our partners’ work with the women’s children.  This includes a drop in centre, which offer Bible Studies, help with homework and craft and therapy sessions.