Youth Action Uganda

For nearly 30 years Uganda has faced one of the longest civil wars in Africa’s history, with 100,000 killed, over 20,000 children abducted and 1.5 million people displaced.

In eastern Uganda, Samuel and his team have helped 1,000 internally displaced people to farm their land productively, buy livestock and grow fruit trees. Farming groups have been established to deliver training, provide support and become a vehicle for farmers to save and lend money to each other. YAU have also provided extensive health awareness training so that farmers know how to keep themselves and their families healthy.

The Lord has transformed lives through the work of YAU:

  • Farmers have bought land and built homes.
  • Children are being fed and are going to school.
  • Sickness is no longer preventing people from attending work or school.
  • Communities are being restored as farming groups grow and develop.
  • Many acknowledge the difference God has made in their lives.
  • They praise God for restoring their dignity and giving them hope for the future.

Tithe to Thrive

Over the next 5 years Rope and YAU are seeking further transformation. We hope that all will gain a sustainable level of income. Through a new membership scheme we hope to provide all with further training in crop growing and livestock management so they can gain the best yields off their land.

In 2018, Rope and YAU began working together to develop the “Tithe to Thrive” pilot programme to help farmers gain more sustainable levels of income.  The programme developed 14 farming groups who would work together to produce larger quantities of produce to sell at market and to “tithe” back a portion of their profits to help other farmers get started. Many farmers are now able to use the additional income to invest in livestock and expand their businesses. The pilot programme has proved a success and is currently working with around 280 farmers.

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